Once upon a time a long, long, time ago…

At one of Ölands ancient ring forts, several spectacular discoveries were made in 2010, among these were treasure troves containing exclusive brooches as well as glass beads originating from the Mediterranean area of the Roman Empire. Since then we have conducted archaeological excavations annually. From these we’ve been able to ascertain that a massacre had taken place, where the deceased have been left where they fell. This has given us a unique snapshot into the time of the gruesome event, as well as how the daily life might have looked like by the end of the 5th century AD.
Follow us in our search for knowledge about the ring fort, its inhabitants and their world.

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The Sandby Borg project is partly financed by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond. This is a collaboration between  Dept. of Museum Archaeology/Kalmar County Museum, The Linnéaus University and Stockholm University.

Frozen in Time

histories of life and moments of death at Sandby borg

The scientific project deals with the Iron Age ring-fort of Sandby borg on Öland where previous investigations suggest a violent massacre in the late 5th century AD. The victims were not buried, but were left lying where they fell. This has created very unusual archaeological material providing a unique insight into the life histories and death of individuals, as well as people’s social organization and material culture during the middle Iron Age.


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