Once upon a time a long, long, time ago…

At one of Ölands ancient ring forts, several spectacular discoveries were made in 2010, among these were treasure troves containing exclusive brooches as well as glass beads originating from the Mediterranean area of the Roman Empire. Since then we have conducted archaeological excavations annually. From these we’ve been able to ascertain that a massacre had taken place, where the deceased have been left where they fell. This has given us a unique snapshot into the time of the gruesome event, as well as how the daily life might have looked like by the end of the 5th century AD.
Follow us in our search for knowledge about the ring fort, its inhabitants and their world.

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The Sandby Borg project is partly financed by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond. This is a collaboration between  Dept. of Museum Archaeology/Kalmar County Museum, The Linnéaus University and Stockholm University.

Frozen in Time

histories of life and moments of death at Sandby borg

The scientific project deals with the Iron Age ring-fort of Sandby borg on Öland where previous investigations suggest a violent massacre in the late 5th century AD. The victims were not buried, but were left lying where they fell. This has created very unusual archaeological material providing a unique insight into the life histories and death of individuals, as well as people’s social organization and material culture during the middle Iron Age.


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3 days ago

Nu åker Clara västerut! Hon ska studera kroppars nedbrytning och det ska bli mycket spännande att se vad hon kommer fram till. Clara ska bland annat undersöka hur obegravda kroppar beter sig under nedbrytningen för att bättre kunna...

2 months ago

Sandby borg hälsar Gott Nytt År med rned ett litet collage från 2018. Höjdpunkter under året var bland annat publiceringen i Antiquity som ledde till att ”hela världen” skrev om Sandby borg i april, en liten grävning i juni som gav...

2 months ago

Här kommer ett tips på lite inte så trevlig men väldigt intressant julläsning! Osteologerna Clara Alfsdotter och Anna Kjellström publicerar nu en studie där de går igenom alla de skador som kunnat identifieras på skeletten som v...

3 months ago

Grasca - The PhD students

Today is a special day! Sandby borg team-mate Fredrik Gunnarsson is defending his Licentiate thesis on "Archaeological challenges, Digital possibilities", with the digital work on Sandby borg as a case study. Good luck Fredrik! And...

3 months ago

This mystery haunts me. Since I only speak English I am limited in my yearning to find out more. For instance, Beowolf is chocked full of references to actual events, do they reference this massacre? What about the viking sagas? Do...

4 months ago

För den digitalt intresserade finns nu rapporten 'Sandby borg X. Sandby borg – A Virtual Connection' att läsa i höstmörkret! Are you interested in the digital? Read the report 'Sandby borg X. Sandby borg – A Virtual Connection'....

4 months ago

Sandby borgs vänner

Nu finns förra veckans föreläsning med Gustav Wollentz att beskåda som videoupptagning! --- Again this is in Swedish, sorry, but here's a video link to the lecture last week by Dr Gustav Wollentz who talked about difficult heritage,...

4 months ago

Sandby borgs vänner

Här kommer ett hett tips från vår kära vänförening! Komsi komsi! --- This lecture will be in swedish, but still. For those of you with an interest in folklore and memory in connection with Sandby borg, Dr Gustav Wollentz Wollentz is...

5 months ago

Schakten blev djupare än vi räknat med och igenfyllningen tedde sig allt mer skräckinjagande. I det läget är det underbart att se frivilliga komma dragandes på skottkärror längs stranden. Tack så fantastiskt mycket ni som hjälpte oss...

5 months ago

Grävningen utanför borgen går mot sitt slut, planen är att vara helt klara och igenlagda på fredag. Det är dock en del att hinna klart med innan dess, schakten blev lite djupare än vi räknat med... Oj då.... Påfört grus i massor...

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We continuously look for new partners to ensure that the excavations at Sandby borg can continue. If you or your company are interested in being a part of the mystery solving at Sandby borg, please contact us on facebook.com/sandbyborg or drop us an email at info@sandbyborg.se.