The third week ended in rain. It is well needed for the draught on Öland, but not so fun for us archaeologist. We have to put on the rain coats and keep digging. We continue to clear the area inside the house. One of the things we are looking for this year is to learn more about the daily life in the fort. Now we have started to find those kind of objects. Combs made from antlers are a very common find in Iron Age contexts. Previously we have thought it odd that we have not found and combs in Sandby borg, but now we finally have! It is broken and the teeth are missing, but we can still se it’s a comb.
We have also started to find pottery inside the house. The pots are all broken because of all the stone debris from the walls, but the shards can still tell us much about food, cooking and other functions. By the inner gable in the house we also found a small iron plate of unknown use. Hopefully we can say more after it have been xrayed and preserved!
/Helena Victor